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The Doughnut Box - Customizable

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Our delicious doughnut box is completely customizable. You can decide the filling in(the wording) the doughnut sticker and the color of fold over elastic sprinkles you want or you can just order this box the way it is.  A box will appear at checkout an there is where you can describe how you like your doughnut box to be created.  This will be a delicious treat as a party favor, or as simply a treat for any occasion.

This box will contain (2) 5/8 glitter elastics,  (3) 5/8 fold over matte elastics, one 3/8 white satin elastic and one 2 inch circle sticker. No extra glitter elastic can be added but glitter elastic can be replaced by satin elastics. If you have any question please shot us an email at:

*Any custom orders are none refundable*